Pure Luck®’s desire is to inspire! We are your day dreamers, innovation seekers and balance speakers...


We love tea! Even more so we love perfectly fizzy, well balanced, refreshing, beverages that cater to all of our senses. At Pure Luck® we blend & brew the finest certified organic teas with Artesian water, ferment each batch in glass and bottle it straight away. Every bottle of Pure Luck® kombucha is preciously hand made & bottled in micro batches of 78 bottles at a time. There's a reason it taste so good!

Cinnamon Plum California Sweet Kombucha

Black currants, biodynamic darjeeling tea, cinnamon, hibiscus flowers, licorice root, notes of plum – We call this one a “Take Your Time Machine,” one sip and you will know why.

Silver Jasmine NY Sour Kombucha

Chinese white needle and pearl green tea with jasmine and a kiss of honey – Our number one seller, with a unique white grape flavor and tiny bubbles she’s been referred to as the champagne of kombuchas.

Hot Ginger Bangkok Detox Kombucha

Ginger, pu-erh tea, grade B maple syrup, cayenne pepper, Thai chili, lemon – For those who need a little spice in their life or perhaps a nice master cleanse inspired beverage. Great for colds and hangovers :)

Chocolate Mint Cookie California Sweet Kombucha

Green tea, cacao nibs, peppermint – Did someone order a dessert kombucha? Um… yea, we did! Go ahead, open happiness!

Hibiscus Bordeaux Smokey Bear Kombucha

Currants, acai, oolong tea, cinnamon, allspice, hibiscus, orange peel, essential oil of blood orange & tangerine – Not just any slightly sour Smokey Bear hug!

Raspberry Jam California Sweet Kombucha

Green tea, raspberries, hibiscus flowers – You’re my sweet tart, pucker up baby!

Green Dragon NY Sour Kombucha

100% Japanese Green Tea (Steamed Sencha, Ceremonial Grade A Matcha) – Alpha wave, energy boosting, inspiration in a bottle!!

Better Than Cola Aged Heirloom Kombucha

Aged Pu-erh tea – Sun-dried green tea known as saiqing maocha is produced in this ancient tea appellation, and sought after for its strong energy and geographically unique flavor. Artisans transform saiqing maocha into Pu-erh using a traditional leaf piling fermentation process.

Golden Dragon Leisure class Kombucha

Only the finest Golden Needle or Himalayan Gold black tea buds are selected to brew this rare & not always available luxury tea.

Pure Luck®

True believer’s in life’s tasty pursuits and chasers of tomorrow’s lifestyles, today!
Pure Kombucha™ Always brewed with certified organic ingredients and Artesian spring water

Salute, we say! To the purists, zealots, and artisans. To the free masons, free thinkers and day drinkers! Kick back some probiotic tea, and relax, it’s good for you. Healthy gut, happy mind. ™

  • Sports

    Down Pure luck® before gearing up for the extra energy you need to rule the day!

  • Travel

    Bring Pure Luck® with you everywhere. Who doesn't want a pocket full of probiotic awesomeness!

  • Fashion

    You will always look sexy holding a bottle of Pure Luck®

  • The Environment

    We’ve built environmental practices into our business model. Part of that means we compost our waste and grow plants to provide oxygen for our SCOBY's. Yup, they like to breath clean air like the rest of us! GO OUTSIDE AND THRIVE!


Well done is better than well said, someone once said.

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